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The foundation of RS fireworks was a desire to create a different pyrotechnic experience; one that would have the people leaving the show with giddy, warm, happy feeling. In order to accomplish this task we needed to seek out new style of shells- a style that would give dazzling colors, larger breaks and longer burning ratios. Hence, we viewed countless displays and production demonstration finding a supplier that would allow us to achieve our goals. We received exclusive rights to shells from Spain, Italy, Japan, China as well as America.

Make your Event something to Remember

Make your Event something to Remember

RS Display Fireworks is a top of the line display company offering the latest products from around the world. Our experienced staff can help you design the perfect show for your holiday, special event, backyard barbeque, or even wedding. We can design a breath taken show for any budget. Expand your audience by offering techniques not often seen in this area. Put the fun back into to fireworks by adding such techniques as interactive displays, choreographed with music, DJ’s, and crowd entertainment.

Sunday River and Sugarloaf

Sunday River and Sugarloaf

We are extremely proud to be shooting the firework display’s for both Sunday River and Sugar Loaf Ski resorts. We have been doing these shoots for the past two years and plan on lighting up the ski over the resort’s for many years. If you haven’t seen a firework display over a snowy white covered mountain it is a wonderful sight to see. What better place to do this than from one of these Class A ski resorts.

You hear everyone talking about the RS Fireworks Come see why!
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Shawn Connors and Rob Lavoie developed their friendship while playing AAA Youth Hockey in grade school. This friendship continued through High School, where they began to shoot small class C fireworks shows for families and friends. After 9-11, Shawn joined the Army. Before he left for Iraq, they made plans to start a fireworks company upon his return. When Shawn left for tank training, Rob continued to run his family business.  During this time, Rob also did research on class B fireworks. Additionally he joined groups such as Pyrotechnics Guild International (the primary trade organization in the United States for fireworks) and the New Hampshire Pyrotechnic Association. The later is an organization for fireworks enthusiasts that ignite fireworks at club event and teach members about the industry.  After nine months in Iraq, Shawn was sent home with a medical discharge and a purple heart. After a short recovery, Shawn moved his family back to NH where the two formed RS Fireworks. They went through months of training and research before deciding on the type of shows they wanted to present. With Rob handling the technical side, and Shawn the business end, these partners have created an incredible balanced team.

They were recently asked to clarify what makes them different from their competition? They replied, ”We want to bring to fireworks, the same excitement that Ben and Jerry’s brings to ice cream.”


Welcome to our family,


Shawn Connors / Rob Lavoie

How do I plan a fireworks display?

You first need to determine if there is enough room at your location. This is something that can be determined through our staff asking you some questions and possible traveling to the site. Next is to determine the types of effects, our expert staff will help you put together the show that you have always wanted. Contact us when you are ready to start planning


Are permits required?

Yes. However we handle obtaining all permits for your fireworks display. We find this to be easier on the our clients.


What is the minimum price for a display?

Our very basic show (usually for backyards and or barbecues) runs around $4000, whereas a large display can easily exceed $10,000. Volume of shells, and duration of show can be easily adjusted to achieve your budget.


How long in advance should I contract out?

Obviously, the longer the better, however; as long as we are not booked we can be ready about one month out.


How much room is needed?

Depending on the size of the shells we use depends on the distance. A minimum of 70ft per inch is required from the spectators. This means a 3 inch shell requires 210ft.


How long is set-up?

Depending on the size of the show determines how long is needed. A minimum of 4 hours for are smallest show. We shoot most of our shows electrically it takes longer than manually shoots but the time needed makes for a outstanding display.

I am writing to thank you for the terrific fireworks displays over Weirs Beach this summer. It’s difficult to put into words the level of enthusiasm displayed by our guests each Friday night, as they “OOOOH and AAAAH” during your displays. Many of our guests stood and actually cheered and applauded after each of the shows! We have many repeat guests, when making their reservations, would ask us to confirm the fireworks were on Friday night! As far as my personal observations, your selection of “shells” is what sets RS Fireworks apart from other companies we have seen over the years. Your fireworks are clearly more colorful and highlight a much larger area in the sky. The variety of fireworks you coordinate is exceptional. It’s similar to the difference when watching color-TV and Hi-Definition-TV. In short, your shows are louder, brighter and much more colorful than others seen in the recent past. As a result, these shows have infused a new excitement about the fireworks over the Weirs. I wish you continued success and look forward to the 2007 fireworks season.

Thank You,


Tom & Lynda Pucci

Owners / Managers

Grand View Motel & Cottages

Grand View Motel